Networking Etiquette: The Best Attitude and Practices when Handing Out your Business Cards

You’ve been reading a lot about how to design and 名刺 作成 (Create business card) orders, how to choose the right software for a self-made business card, and maybe even the benefits to create a business card convenience store printing shops have. But the act of how to create business card design simple or extravagant in style matters little compared to the right etiquette when handing over the business card.

名刺 作成

Here are the business card basic etiquette to keep in mind and in practice:

·         You never know when and who you can meet at business conventions and networking activities. An interested prospect is always valuable to the good businessman so always be prepared.

·         Although it is great to have many cards at your disposal, don’t just go wild and hand them over to every person in the conference. Be selective and only give your card to someone you made a connection with.

·         Don’t settle with just giving. Go for reciprocation and try to receive your conversation partner’s card, too.

·         Don’t delay on establishing virtual connections with prospects after the exchange of business cards.

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