The Main Standards and Specifications of the WiMAX Technology

Just like Wi-Fi, there are many broadband access standards that are often mentioned when it comes to the new technology called Wimax. In principle, the Wimax specifications will continue to develop from its supported IEEE 802.16 as the specifications evolve, but other standards have also been produced based on this particular specification. These developments don’t necessarily need to change the current wimax cheap rates, but it will further its efficiency. Here are some of the main standards and specifications explained to further support why the wimax cheap rates are worth every penny: More information wimax 格安.

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1. IEEE 802.16-2004

This standard is the recognized one being exhausted for the wimax fixed and nomadic Line Of Sight and Non Line Of Sight mostly in cell construction in non-mobile situation distance links.

2. IEEE 802.16e

Handoffs and roaming support built in are provided for wimax through this standard. Additionally, service providers use this technology to provide fixed access.

3. ETSI HyperMAN

Both point-to-multipoint and mesh network implementations are being supported by the HyperMAN.

4. WiBro

Wireless Broadband provides more data rate, mobility and coverage to deliver internet access to mobile clients via handheld devices.

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